The Forgotten Childhood Dream!!

“One of the fondest childhood memory I have is of draping a “dupatta” like a saree with a stick in my hand and a sense of pride in my eyes for my profession. So what happened next was a bizarre thing for many to believe, but somehow that girl became a Textile Engineer and she never gave a thought to that childhood game.”

The most obvious question which I am sure everyone is being asked during childhood is“what do you want to become in life?” I was asked this question in my second grade. Back then, I was a clearheaded person and the answer was as spontaneous as when someone asks you what’s your name. Yes, the answer was “Teacher”. Life happened, thoughts took shape, and somehow the common breeze caught me and I landed in an engineering college where I struggled with the subjects I never wanted to study. Few great professors inspired me, but in all, I distanced myself from the professors constantly escape from studies. Studies were no longer my favourite thing to do.

One fine afternoon, one of my senior asked me to accompany him to Munirka to teach the children out there. Initially, I was a bit reluctant but then I decided to visit. A group of 6 children were playing outside a temple and just when they saw me with my senior, they all sat in a row and an awkward silence prevailed all around. Watching this I burst into laughter and finally comforted them to treat me as their friend. They called me “Didi” and took the notebook out of their bags and started telling me what I need to teach them that day. They all became comfortable with me after some time and suddenly one of the girls stood up and told me “Didi aapke ane se pehle hum teacher teacher khelre the or ishika teacher bani thi”. I looked at Ishika and suddenly went into a flashback of my childhood.The red dupatta, slithering down her shoulder and a sense of pride in her eyes. And then I asked her “ kya banna chahti ho bade hoke” she replied bluntly in a split second “ Didi ki English teacher”. Feeling the hollowness inside me, I asked her to be this confident always.

So that was it. Currently, I have started this forgotten journey again to meet many more Ishika and more importantly to find myself in the process. I’ve been teaching on several online and offline platforms for the last 2 years. We, a group of alumni of IIT Delhi has initiated a platform to connect and teach all needy and interested students through the “online study center”, After all, “it's never too late to revive a forgotten childhood dream.”

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